Genius logo scanned with geniusvp2-0.2 geniusvp2 SANE backend

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The following devices are supposed to work with geniusvp2, or there are plans to support them in future:

Scanner devices supported by geniusvp2
Vendor Commercial Name MODEL NO. Status
Genius ColorPage-Vivid Pro II FB601C Working. This is the only device I have at hand, so It's likely to be the most supported.
Genius ColorPage-Vivid Pro II FB624D Not working. It has an E3 (EICI 093XXX) ASIC, see pxscan, which supports this ASIC.
Genius ColorPage-Vivid Pro II FB614D Unknown.

If your device is not listed here, please test it with geniusvp2 and report success/failure. If possible, send the geniusvp2_detect output.

Last Updated: Sunday, 10-Apr-2005 23:23:16 UTC